Product use & precautions

Storing & Using Your Product

Nourish Botanicals moisturisers are completely free of chemically adulterated ingredients including preservatives, emulsifiers, and hydrogenated waxes.  We don't include these things because of their real and potential impacts on skin health.  Because of these chemical omisssions, our products can become soft and melt if exposed to very high temperatures (higher than 40 degrees C). Depending on subsequent conditions, melted moisturisers may become grainy in texture when cooled because this process permits the hard fatty acids in the product to come together and form crystals.  Whilst graininess does not affect the usefulness of the moisturiser, to preserve the smooth qualities and prolong the life of all Nourish Botanicals products, they should be stored below 30 degrees Celsius and out of direct sunlight.

Allergy Testing

Nourish Botanicals products contain botanical extracts and plant oils including nut oils. As with any botanical product, allergies to specific ingredients, whilst rare, can and do occur. Please review ingredients carefully. We recommend patch testing on a small area of skin before use and discontinue use if a reaction occurs. If you have a history of allergic reaction please try these products under medical supervision.

Essential Oils & Pregnancy

Many people prefer to avoid essential oils during pregnancy, particularly in trimester 1. If you do choose not to exclude essential oils during pregnancy, there are some essential oils that are recommended to be limited or not used at all during pregnancy (Tisserand & Young, Essential Oil Safety). All Nourish Botanicals products adhere to these exclusion and limitation recommendations in order that they are not of concern during pregnancy.  If you are uncertain please seek medical advice.

Essential Oils & Children

Essential oils are powerful botanical ingredients and can be challenging to the immature organs and bodies of very young children and babies. The general advice is that essential oils should be prevented or limited for small children (children that are not yet walking) except where the product is specifically formulated or when advised by a medical practitioner. Whilst Nourish Botanicals products contain responsible concentrations of essential oils, they are not intended for use on small children (not yet walking) or babies. If you intend to use our products on children or babies please seek medical advice.