Return And Refill Your Packaging

We're so glad you're interested in creating less waste.  Every year human beings burden our planet by consuming packaging when we purchase pretty much everything from necessity items to pleasure purchases.  The sad reality is that the containers for these items are almost always used only once, meaning there is a constant toll on the environment in the production of packaging (think of the water, energy, raw materials and waste produced to make these items) and then again at the end of the product life, when the container is recycled or disposed of. 

This is exactly why we decided to offer a special discount for those waste conscious lovers of our 'organic food for skin'.  On selected products, we are offering a massive discount for people that return washed and dried product container/s to us to be re-filled. You can take advantage of this offer by selecting to purchase the return & refill variant of eligible product items from our website. Returnable products include:

The following are the steps you need to take:
  1. IMPORTANT! DO THIS FIRST BECAUSE I CANNOT FILL RETURNS THAT HAVE NOT BEEN ORDERED!  Find the refillable item you want to refill on the website in the return & refill collection and complete checkout. 
  2. Wash and dry your product containers and any cap/pump/spray nozzle. We recommend washing with warm water and a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid to remove any remaining product from the container. Be sure to pump soapy water through the dispensing nozzle or spray as well. Rinse container with clean water to remove detergent residue, pumping clean water through the dispensing nozzle or spray as well.  Pump remaining water out of the dispensing nozzle or spray.  Then leave container and nozzle or cap to completely air dry in a warm location on an absorbent towel (eg. a tea towel) so that all trapped water can escape. Dry for at least 24 hours or until items are completely dry. IMPORTANT - WE CANNOT REFILL CONTAINERS THAT HAVE NOT BEEN WASHED AND DRIED.
  3. Package your clean and dry product container to protect it from damage during transport. Ideally using the packaging it arrived in!
  4. Cover the surface of the box with paper so that your previous address is concealed and you can clearly write the new address on the parcel: NOURISH BOTANICALS, 45 Station Street, FORREST, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA 3236. 
  5. IMPORTANT! Ensure you write a return address and name on the parcel so I can match it to your order.
  6. IMPORTANT: PLEASE DO NOT USE A PLASTIC OUTER POSTAGE SATCHEL - this would be a shame because plastic postage satchels are not reusable so we would be adding another piece of single-use plastic for the environment to deal with if you did this.
  7. Take your parcel to your local post office and purchase the required shipping, affixing a stamp to the parcel and record the tracking number so you can track the parcel if need be.
  8. Pop it in the mail.
  9. When we receive your returned packaging we will re-fill your item/s and ship them back to you.

Do you still have questions?

    What if the nozzle is broken?

    No problem. We will test your nozzle and if it needs replacing we will take care of it.  

    What about the environmental impact of shipping?

    There is so much that could be changed to make our impact on the earth less damaging.  If we get overwhelmed by the challenge it's easier to throw up our hands and do nothing.  But one thing is certain, eventually, we will have to all start looking at the lifecycle costs of how we go about our lives and our mindless consumption of packaging and containers will be a big part of that. There will be other things that will change, like fully electric vehicles powered by renewable clean energy.  But for now, we are working on what is in our control, reducing our consumption of packaging whilst rewarding the brave of us who take up the challenge of trying to live whilst creating little or no waste!  While we're doing this we imagine a future with a transport industry powered by clean energy.