Mantle Restore Toner

Mantle Restore Toner

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This simple and natural toner is designed to restore the natural acidic mantle, a film of microscopic slightly acidic water on the surface of the skin that can break down with exposure to harsh cleansers and the elements. This toner locks water to the skin, keeping the cells on the surface plump, therefore softening the appearance of wrinkles. Formulated with rose hydrosol, the water from the steam distillation of roses, that contains many beneficial compounds to restore skin health and radiance. This toner leaves the skin perfectly primed to absorb nutrients from your Nourish Botanicals serum. Will not clog pores.

Caution:   It is possible that when you use this toner you will begin to constantly touch your face because it feels so incredibly soft and smooth.

Designed for

Those wanting to nourish their skin with natural skincare that gives incredibly youthful results.



Suitable for

All skin types.


Close eyes and spritz toner onto face and neck after cleansing.  Follow with your choice of serum. Can be used to refresh skin throughout the day as required.

Available sizes


Product care

Store in cool dark place to avoid spoilage.  To get the best out of the nutrients in this toner use within 6 months.  

Key ingredients

Vegetable Glycerin (Palm free)
Apple Cider Vinegar
Rose Hydrosol


Rosa damascena (Rose) hydrosol*, Apple cider vinegar*, Palm oil free vegetable glycerin*  

*Certified Organic

[100% organic ingredients]


Packaged in a recyclable glass dropper bottle. Before you send this packaging away for recycling we hope you consider giving it another use in your home, use it to store some old essential oils you may have lying around in your laundry because it's the perfect way to dose your washing machine or your dryer load with a couple of drops for a cleaner fresher load of washing.  Just be sure to remove the label and re-label properly so nobody forgets what is in there or tries to use it per the old label.  And if you happen to get one of those pesky oil stains on your clothes, drop a few drops of essential oil on the stain before popping into the machine to naturally dissolve away the oil.  Note: Always keep pure essential oils out of reach of children.